The Unidome can be used for all kinds of events, activities and special occasions. Just choose where you'd like to go...

This land yacht of a dome is the most special one in our range. It offers a luxuriously spacious yet intimate experience with its vaulted ceiling and stargazing top. Hand made from locally sourced ash and with a selection of coverings, this will make you the envy of everyone and is highly recommended. 

We have a small number for Rental and we build these to special order to your exacting requirements.

Optional Extras

Available options are available for this Dome including

  • integrated Wooden Floor
  • Branding
  • Extra Doors
  • Windows
  • Unidome-15
  • POA
  • 4.5 Metres in Diameter
  • Handmade English Ash Frame
  • Rivertex FR-500 material with choice of colours 
  • PET-G Stargazing Top and Joiners
  • 2 x Zip doors
  • Fitted Ground-sheet. 
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