Unidome Festivals

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Festivals we Love them and they love us

This year we are back at the Isle of Wight Festival with All Events VIP supplying our fully pimped out domes for the backstage VIP area.

Glastonbury Festival the big daddy and once again we supply our Theatre and Circus artists with there backstage accommodations.

Elderflower Fields festival are using Unidomes for there woodland spa and being massaged in one of these structures is a complimentary experience.

Give festival the best kept secret is using us for the Glamping option after great success last year.

Goodwood will see us sneak a few into the backstage sponsors area Branded Unidomes here we come.

will keep all posted on other developments in the pipeline!!!!!!!!!! 

What is available....

Dome Marquee

Disco Dome

Dining Domes

Branded Domes 

Bedroom Domes