About Unidome

The Unidome can be used for all kinds of events, activities and special occasions. Just choose where you'd like to go...

Unidome is headed by James Towner-Coston, who is both the designer and builder. Supported and advised by Andrew H Scott, this vibrant company is making a mark in the temporary structure market.

Influenced by the dwellings of pioneers and nomadic tribes around the world, Unidome is the fruition of the fusion of the past colliding with the future and the realisation of a life long passion.

With an eye on the future and the increased need for sustainable, affordable, low impact self-build housing and an increased desire for "off-grid" solutions, Unidome has developed this modular and portable system along with other products. Our aim is to create off-the-shelf affordable modular systems that are infinitely customizable for the individual's or organizations taste and needs. This could create a revolution in the way we live our lives and use our leisure time.    

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